You don't need a big twirling mustache to use mustache wax. The product helps you shape your moustache, and makes it look full and well-groomed. 

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Mustache wax is the secret behind many magnificent mustaches throughout history. The product is usually made with beeswax, and this wax makes it easier to shape the mustache as desired. This is a must for most people with large and thick mustaches, but can also help with a smaller mustache that itches and stings. 

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Below you can read more about what mustache wax is, why you should use the product and how to use it. 

What is mustache wax?

The product has different ingredients depending on who the manufacturer is, but usually mainly consists of beeswax and various oils, for example jojoba and coconut. 

The wax is quite hard when in the box, but will soften when you rub it between your fingers. Then it becomes oily and can be applied to the moustache. Afterwards, the wax will harden quickly again. This provides good hold that lasts throughout the day. 

A combination of different oils in the product creates a wide range of scents - so everyone is guaranteed to find a favourite. For example, you can get citrus, leather, cedar, cigar, rum or completely odorless. There are different colors to suit different moustaches.

That's why you should use mustache wax

This is the product for you who want control over your moustache. You don't have to have a big and long mustache to use the wax. Perfect for both those who want to create a nice twirling moustache, and for those who want the mustache to lie down better. 

Good reasons to use mustache wax:

  • You get control over the moustache
  • Your mustache looks fuller
  • You avoid that the mustache itches and stings

You get control over the moustache

After a certain time, many people will find that the mustache starts to grow over the lip and down into the mouth. Many people think this looks strange, and choose to trim their mustache before it goes that far. Others trim it because they are bothered by mustache hair in their mouth, or because they get food and drink residue in their moustache. Many are also bothered by mustache hairs that grow in different directions, and which are difficult to "tame". 

The wax will cause the whiskers to stick together. Then it is easier to get all the hairs to lie in the same direction. You can then also add the mustache to the sides, which means that you don't have to trim the mustache as often. The wax will harden afterwards, so that your mustache keeps the same shape for the rest of the day.

Your mustache looks fuller

Hair that sticks out or grows downwards can make the mustache look less full. Then it is easier for spots with less hair growth to become visible. When the hairs stick together, this becomes less obvious. Then it is easier for the mustache to get a shape and form that looks fuller.

You avoid that the mustache itches and stings

A mustache that grows in all directions can quickly itch and irritate – both yourself and others. The hairs can sting others if, for example, you give them a hug. Hair that does not grow in the direction you want can irritate the skin and cause itching. You can solve this problem with a good mustache wax. 

How to use mustache wax

This is a product that is very easy to use. You will get the best results if you have softened your beard with beard shampoo beforehand.

Proceed like this:

  1. Scrape out the wax with your fingernail. In the box, the wax is stiff, but it will soften afterwards. You don't need a lot – a small pea-sized amount is enough. 
  2. Rub the wax between your index finger and thumb. You will feel that it softens, and that your fingers become greasy or oily. 
  3. You apply the wax with your thumb and index finger - from under the nose and out towards the tips. Comb through with a comb.
  4. You can twist the ends together if you go for handle bars, twistable or other styles and shapes. 

A good mustache wax helps you get the style you are looking for. It is a product that goes well with other beard products. 

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