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Beards and mustaches look best when they are trimmed and well-groomed. At Skjeggpleie you get quality products that take care of the beard without drying out the skin. 


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Beards have existed since the dawn of time, and throughout history beards in different lengths and variations have gone in and out of fashion. 

During Greek antiquity, the beard was looked upon as a symbol of knowledge and wisdom, and in the Viking Age the Vikings let their beards grow freely. In recent times, famous bearded men such as "Game of Thrones" star Kristofer Hivju have also contributed to the beard staying in fashion. 

In recent years, beards have been particularly trendy, and it seems that beards of different lengths and thicknesses are here to stay. 

Quality products for the beard

Regardless of whether you are trying to grow a beard or have had it for a long time, it is important to use the right products to keep your beard looking good. 

Beard care was started by beard enthusiast Sindre. He has always had an above-average interest in everything to do with beards, and has tested most of the beard care products on the market. 

When he tested the products, he noticed that some of the best products were not available on the Norwegian market. That's why he started Beard Care in 2019. This means that you can now buy quality products that were previously only sold in foreign online stores.

Find the shape and length that suit you

If this is the first time you are trying to grow out your beard, try to figure out what shape and length is going to dress your face shape best. Beards can be a way to accentuate your facial features. 

For example, if you have a long and oval face, you might not want to go for a long and narrow beard. Then it may be better to keep the beard relatively short, so it rather creates the illusion of a more square face. 

The same applies if you already have a wide or square face shape. Then you can trim the beard at the jaw and let it grow more on the chin to create balance.

Once you've figured out how you want your beard to look, just save. Here it is important to be patient. It may be that you can grow a longer beard than you think, but that you may not have let it grow long enough. 

This is how you get a well-groomed beard

After you've let your hair grow freely for a while, it can start to look disheveled and unkempt. Then it's time to trim and maintain the beard. 

Wash your beard with a beard shampoo that is intended for use on beards. Ordinary shampoo is often too strong for facial hair, and can dry out the skin under the beard. In our online store you will find several different shampoos that are specifically intended for beards. 

We recommend, among other things Dig Before Shave's beard shampoo, which is enriched with argan oil to add maximum moisture. Combine it with beard balm from the same series for a clean and soft beard.

Itching and irritation

When you let your beard grow, you may find that it starts to itch or sting a little. This is temporary, but to soften the beard you can use a beard oil. 

This problem can also occur if you shower frequently. When you shower, you remove many of the natural oils that protect the skin. Therefore is beard oil one of the most popular products in beard care today. 

With us you will find a range of beard oils that smell fantastic and help you avoid dandruff and itching. For example, we recommend Beard Octane Barbershop Beard Oil. It has a sweet and fresh smell, and adds moisture without making the beard feel greasy. 

In our online store you will also find good beard brushes and combs that you can use to relieve itching and irritation. 

If you have any questions about Beard care or which products are right for you, contact us today. We are happy to help you!

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