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In order to have a healthy and well-groomed beard, it is important to use a beard wash that does not irritate the beard or the skin underneath. At Beard Grooming you get everything you need for a great beard.

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When washing your beard, it is important to use products that are specifically designed for beards, and not for the hair on your head. This is because the scalp produces many more natural oils than the face, and regular shampoos are designed to overcome this oil production. 

Unlike the scalp, the beard needs the natural oils that the skin produces. If you wash away these oils, the skin under the beard can become irritated, and the beard can start to itch. 

Normal shampoo is therefore too strong for the beard. What you need is beard wash that cleans the beard in a gentle way while adding moisture. 

The best products in beard washing

It is also important to use beard wash to prevent bacterial growth. The beard collects more bacteria than one might think, and a study from 2019 actually showed that many men have more bacteria in their beards than a dog has in its fur.

With Beard care you get some of the best beard washing products on the market. Among other things, we have shampoo and conditioner specifically developed for beards from brands such as Grave Before Shave, Honest Amish and Beard Octane. 

These are products that wash and soften the beard without stripping the beard of its natural oils. This means that you prevent itching and dandruff at the same time that you get a soft and shiny beard. 

That's how often you should use beard wash

If you wash your hair often, maybe every single day, you shouldn't wash your beard as often. Rather, wash it 2-3 times a week with a good beard wash. We recommend the beard shampoo from Beard Octane, which adds important nourishment while protecting the beard's natural oils. 

If your beard tends to get dry or rough, use a beard conditioner afterwards. We recommend beard balm from Grave Before Shave, which is enriched with argan oil to give the beard as much moisture as possible. 

Avoid dry skin, dandruff and itching

After you have washed your beard with beard wash, you should use one of our good ones beard oils. This is an absolutely essential product for those with a beard, because it keeps the face hydrated and prevents dandruff and itching.

The beard oil can be used once a day, or twice if you feel that your skin and beard are dry and irritated.

In our assortment you will find beard oils for every taste. For example, we can recommend Beard Octane Fabricator Beard Oil, which has a lovely fragrance with hints of vanilla, oak and sandalwood. If you want an oil without smell, you can try Beard Octane Neutral Beard Oil.

Do you have little beard growth?

So far we have written about how you can grow a nice and well-groomed beard, but of course not everyone has the ability to grow a beard at all. 

It is your genes that determine how much beard growth you have. While some men can grow a large and full beard, there are also many who only get a little "down" on their face. 

You can often get a clue of this by looking at the men in your own family, for example your father or grandfather. If they've ever had a full beard, there's a good chance you can get one too. 

If you want a beard but don't know if you have the ability to grow it, try letting it grow freely for a few months. It may be that you can grow more beard than you thought, but that you haven't let the hairs grow long enough. Here it is important to have patience. 

So far, no miracle cures have been found that give more beard growth, but some people believe that a healthy diet and less stress able to have a positive impact on beard growth.

About Beard care

Beard care was started by beard enthusiast Sindre in 2019. He has always had a great interest in everything to do with beards, and has tested most of what is on the market in the field of beard care.

The product testing made him see that some of the best products on the market were not available in Norway. Now, a few years later, you can get hold of quality products in our online store. 

We already have many satisfied customers, and are constantly looking for new and exciting products. 

If you have any questions about beard wash or tips about products you are missing from the range, contact us today. We are happy to help you!

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