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Beard Octane Sacrifice Beard Butta

Beard Octane Sacrifice Beard Butta

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Beard Octane Sacrifice Beard Butta 118 ml.

Sacrifice Beard Butta has a warm, cologne scent with hints of bergamot, mint, amber, rose, sandalwood and glory!

Beard Octane Beard Butta is a "poured" butter, specially developed to add moisture and soften your beard and add as many vitamins and nutrients as needed to become a majestic beard! Beard Octane Beard Butta magically melts in contact with your palms. Consists of only natural ingredients of the best quality and provides a light hold for shaping the beard.

NOTE! All butter can melt during transport or if stored too hot. Opens gently. If the butter is liquid / melted, you can put it in the fridge / freezer to get it back in solid form. There is no defect in the product and it can be used safely.


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