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Grave Before Shave Outdoorsman Beard Butter

GRAVE BEFORE SHAVE Outdoorsman Blend Beard Butter

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GRAVE BEFORE SHAVE Outdoorsman Blend Beard Butter

4oz / 120ml

G.B.S. Outdoorsman Blend has a scent with citronella that has a repellent effect on insects. Perfect for walks in the woods and fields, hunting, fishing or camping or just to enjoy the outdoors.

G.B.S. Beard Butter is super easy to apply, is deeply emollient for both beard and skin. Only the best oils and "butters" are used. Beard Butter does NOT contain beeswax so there is less wear on the beard when brushing and styling.


Due to the ingredients used in G.B.S. Beard Butters You may find that the product melts during transport or storage, be careful when opening. If the product has melted, you can put the product in the freezer for a couple of hours, then it will return to solid form.


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