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Honest Amish Extra Grit Beard & Body Soap

Honest Amish Extra Grit Beard & Body Soap

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Honest Amish Extra Grit Beard & Body Soap.

Wash your beard with a soap from Honest Amish, natural ingredients that soften the beard and wash it in a gentle way, can be used all over the body.

Smells of cedar, clover, anise and lavender.

Extra Grit has the same base as Original Soap: a base of the following sapponified oils: virgin olive, virgin pumpkin seed, apricot kernal, palm kernal, coconut, and castor mixed with white kaolin clay for a mild draw and scented with cedarwood, clove, anise, and lavender but also contains betonite clay, wild cherry bark, and black walnut hulls for a gentel exfoliation and cleaning