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Beer soap for beards and hair
Beer soap for beards and hair

Beer soap for beards and hair

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Luxury bar of soap handmade and produced in Norway. 

About. 100 gr, fragrance: Spices.

The soap is made with porter beer, which with its vitamins and minerals makes this soap perfect for daily washing of beards and hair (it can of course be used on the rest of the body as well). Luxurious oils such as shea butter, mango butter and argan oil leave the beard and hair soft and easy to care for.

The soap contains only good, natural ingredients. The scent is a spicy masculine blend of essential oils, with a slight hint of sweetness from the dark beer.

After using the beer soap, we recommend using "Beard Oil Spices" which contain the same essential oils and fit perfectly together!

** It is important that the soap is allowed to dry between uses, it should be placed on a grooved surface so that it does not lie wet, the soap can then melt / dissolve. If you treat it right, it lasts longer **