Beard balm

A beard balm gives the skin and beard moisture, shine and makes it easier to shape. A proper beard balm is a must for the beard enthusiast. 

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Do you think your beard gets dry quickly? Do you have dry skin under your beard that itches or irritates? Is it difficult to shape your beard the way you want? Then this is the product you are looking for. 

Four good reasons to use beard balm:

  • Moisture
  • Soft beard
  • Glans
  • Beards that are easier to shape

At Skjeggpleie we have a number of different types of beard balm from quality brands such as Beard Octane and GRAVE BEFORE SHAVE. Take a look at our products in the online store, or read this article to see if beard balm is for you.

What is beard balm?

Beard balm acts as a kind of conditioner for beards. However, it should not be used when you shower, and it should not be washed out immediately. This is a type of conditioner that you should leave in your beard for the rest of the day. It adds moisture to the beard and face, makes the beard soft, gives shine to the beard and makes it easier to shape.


Manufacturers can with good reason advertise with "natural ingredients". Here there are various types of wax (for example, beeswax), butter (not the dairy product, but for example "shea butter") and oils (such as "jojoba oil"). The exact composition depends on the manufacturer.

You can also get different smells, and here there is a lot of exciting stuff to choose from. What about the combination of rum and coconut? Or vanilla and cigar? You are guaranteed to find a favorite in our online store. 

Similar products

Many see this product as a cross between beard oil and mustache wax. If you are familiar with these, you will see certain similarities. You can read more about the differences between such products further down in this article.

That's why you should use beard balm

Is this something for you? It depends a little on skin type, beard length and the shape of the beard. Many men with long beards need beard products to style it, but that doesn't mean your beard has to be long for it to be of any use.

You should use the product if you:

  • Struggling with dry skin under the beard
  • Troubled by the fact that the beard is dry
  • Likes the shine in the beard
  • Will be able to shape the beard more easily

Do you struggle with dry skin under your beard?

It's not that unusual! There are many reasons for this, but an important factor is that the beard hairs transport moisture from the skin on the face. In other words, the beard helps to dry out the skin underneath. This can, among other things, lead to itching and dandruff.

Another reason is that dead skin cells that you would otherwise shave off accumulate under the beard. These dead skin cells prevent the skin from producing moisture. In addition, residues of creams and the like may remain. That is why it is important to a good beard shampoo.

You may also start to itch seborrheic eczema under the beard. This is the skin's reaction to a fungus (Malassezia).

Do you want to make shaping your beard easier?

A dry and dry one Beards can be difficult to shape. Many people find that their beard hairs are sticking out. A few uncooperative hairs can ruin the rest of the look. Here, a beard product from a quality manufacturer may be just what you need.

How to use beard balm

Adding moisture, softness and shine to your beard is very easy. 

Here's how to do it:

  1. Use a finger and "screw" out a small amount - depending on the length of the beard. A pea size is often a decent amount.
  2. Then rub the product between the palms. The balm will melt and change to a more oily form.
  3. Rub your palms over your beard and moustache. It is not dangerous if you hit the skin near your facial hair - remember that this too can be dried out by your beard.
  4. You should rub with the hairs - i.e. downwards. It is also possible to do the opposite, but many may then experience tangles and the like.
  5. Finally, use a comb or brush, for example Beard Octane Chicago Comb, to distribute the product in the beard.

What is the difference between beard oil and mustache wax?

How does this product differ from other beard products? You will find the answer to that below. As I said, you can think of it as a mixture of beard oil and mustache wax. 

Beard oil

A beard oil is also recommended if you experience dry skin, a dry beard and a lack of shine. With a beard oil, you will add moisture to the beard and the skin underneath. In other words, the products work relatively similarly. 

The difference lies in the name: A beard oil is oil-based, while a beard balm is a mixture of oil, wax and butter. The latter two ingredients, especially wax, make the product different from beard oil. It is not as easy to shape the beard with a beard oil. You apply moisture and shine, but don't help the shape much.


And beard wax, on the other hand, is specially designed for shaping mustaches and beards. The wax makes the hairs stick to each other to a greater extent, and allows you to style your beard as you wish. A natural comparison is styling hair with hair wax. 

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