Beard shampoo

A good beard shampoo is a must for all men who want a clean and soft beard that looks healthy. At Skjeggpleie we have shampoos from the best manufacturers. 

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It is important not to use normal shampoo when you are going wash his beard. If you use regular shampoo for facial hair, both the beard and the skin underneath can dry out. It can lead to: 

  • Irritated skin
  • A beard that itches and stings 
  • That the beard becomes more difficult to shape as you want

In this article we explain what beard shampoo is, why you should use it and which other products you should use during and after washing. At Skjeggpleie we have everything you need to take care of your beard. Or do you need a gift for a beard enthusiast? You will find everything for a beard in the online store.

What is the difference between beard shampoo and regular shampoo?

A beard shampoo is a shampoo specially designed for beards. It both washes the beard and adds moisture. It is this moisture in particular that distinguishes the product from ordinary shampoo. A normal shampoo is too strong for the beard.

Normal shampoo must be strong

The scalp produces more natural oils than the skin under the beard does. Such oils make your hair greasy when you don't wash it. Therefore, normal shampoo often contains strong ingredients that wash away these oils.

The beard needs moisture and natural oils

The beard, on the other hand, needs such oils. To preserve them, it is important to use a shampoo specially designed for beards. In addition, it is the case that beard hair helps transport the skin's moisture away from the face. Therefore, it is also important to use a shampoo that adds moisture to the beard.

More natural ingredients

An important difference from regular shampoo is that beard products contain more natural ingredients. Manufacturers often use natural oils such as argan oil, or other natural ingredients such as shea butter. There are usually no parabens and other chemicals here. 

That's why you should use beard shampoo

It is important to wash your beard regularly to get rid of dead skin cells and to remove residues from creams and similar products. In addition to this, there are several good reasons to use beard shampoo. Here are some of them:

  • You wash away dead skin cells as well as residues of creams and the like
  • The shampoo preserves the skin's natural oils
  • The shampoo adds nourishment and natural oils
  • The beard becomes soft and easier to shape
  • The beard will be clean and look healthy

We have already highlighted humidity as an important factor. This is partly because of the skin under the beard, but also because of the beard itself. Moisture also causes the beard to become soft. A soft beard is easier to shape as desired, it stings and itches less and it looks healthier.

Tip: Don't forget beard balm and other beard products

When you wash your beard, you should too use a beard balm. A beard balm adds moisture and nourishment, and it makes the beard soft and easier to shape. Also, it will look healthy. You can also combine the use of beard shampoo with beard oil, mustache wax and/or beard balm. 

Beard oil

The beard hairs on the face help to carry moisture away from the face. This often leads to the skin underneath becoming dry and irritated, which can lead to itching. If you use both shampoo and conditioner, you have a good basis for avoiding this. At the same time, many will need to add even more moisture. This is where the beard oil comes in. 

A good beard oil contains natural oils that you pull through your beard. Such an oil is suitable for those who want a soft and healthy beard - regardless of whether the beard is trimmed or long. As a general rule, the longer the beard you grow, the more beard oil you have to use. 


You use mustache wax to shape your moustache. The wax is soft when you put it on, but hardens afterwards, which gives a good hold all day. The product is well suited for those who want to build handle bars, swivel bar or other styles. Mustache wax also makes the mustache look fuller, and it prevents the mustache from itching and stinging. 

Beard balm

Beard balm contains a good mix of natural oils, waxes and butters. Beard balm is like a cross between beard oil and mustache wax, and is used for the same reasons as the two. As a beard oil, the product adds moisture, while as a mustache wax, it also helps you to shape the beard in the style you want.

Beard care has everything you need for your beard

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